Monday, October 31, 2016

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

I have had a productive last few days.

First I helped out a friend making boozemahol. There was lots of chatting and joking around while getting things done. I think it was a good time all the way around. Oh shucks, having to wait around for stuff to boil, and have a great time while doing it.

A couple of friends needed a hand...or really four wheels...I took on the role of chauffeur up to town and back so they could get a replacement vehicle. Got paid in a wonderful way: tasty and healthy lunch! Glad to help and got me a mini vacation!

Next up, my dad and I worked on the house. The trim had been needing painting for the last five years and it was time to get it done. Part of it got done the past week. We rounded up the materials and started in on it again, this time knowing that it was going to be more work than the last round. It was. There is quite a bit of wood rot to deal with--there are several spots that need to really be replaced completely--but not right now. We got about half or so of it done.  Next week will come more painting.

Yesterday, after we got sunned out (too hot and dry) I picked all the ripe tomatoes (that I could see) that I could find from the six plats in my garden. Needless to say, based on those six I got over four gallons--enough to fill my kitchen sink--of fresh tomatoes. I blanched the maters, removed the skins, and chopped them before dumping all four gallons into the monster pot. Eventually I managed to create and can three pint jars of spaghetti sauce base. The other batch I cooked down and turned into tomato juice which I froze...All my regular canning equipment was up at my parents so I made do with what I hads.

All told I have had a busy last four days--productive too! Now I am ready for a nap and a basic calm day curled up with Netflix, a dog, and tea. Or maybe not the dog. Playing involves movement. Calmly sitting and snuggling is fine today. I am doing nothing strenuous. Today I am done.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Took me Long Enough

I am back from a three week adventure out hunting in the Black Hills of South Dakota. My dad and I had a great time toodling around the hills. We were out looking at whitetail and mule deer to put in the freezer. Between meds causing twitching, and just a plain bad shot, I killed a deer but couldn't find him afterward, even with hours of trying to track him. No luck. Dammit.

Now that I am more stable we are going out sometime in the next month to try again. Also after a large amount of practice this time. I had complained earlier about practice--I was wrong. I can't just pick up the bow and have it come back to me. I need a more steady hand and that only comes with reinforcement. Practice makes better--not perfect, but better. I am thinking about getting an overlay of a deer on the target to train my brain on exactly where to shoot rather than going from large dots on a canvas to lots of shot options on what will get me a deer.

Back at home I realized that the tomatoes had not been picked. Interesting. That means that my neighbor (who takes care of the yard) spent a while in jail--I was expecting that from conversations we had before I left. Shit happens. Especially with known ex-dealers. (Yes, I know he doesn't deal anymore by the lack of traffic into his house.) Nice guy. I don't trust him, but he is a nice guy.

So overall, doing well. Enjoying the fall colors...if not the heat. Temps in the 80s are not what I call fall weather. Not back into the swing of exercise, but that will come with practice. Again. I didn't gain weight while out of town for three weeks, which I call a win!