Monday, October 24, 2016

Took me Long Enough

I am back from a three week adventure out hunting in the Black Hills of South Dakota. My dad and I had a great time toodling around the hills. We were out looking at whitetail and mule deer to put in the freezer. Between meds causing twitching, and just a plain bad shot, I killed a deer but couldn't find him afterward, even with hours of trying to track him. No luck. Dammit.

Now that I am more stable we are going out sometime in the next month to try again. Also after a large amount of practice this time. I had complained earlier about practice--I was wrong. I can't just pick up the bow and have it come back to me. I need a more steady hand and that only comes with reinforcement. Practice makes better--not perfect, but better. I am thinking about getting an overlay of a deer on the target to train my brain on exactly where to shoot rather than going from large dots on a canvas to lots of shot options on what will get me a deer.

Back at home I realized that the tomatoes had not been picked. Interesting. That means that my neighbor (who takes care of the yard) spent a while in jail--I was expecting that from conversations we had before I left. Shit happens. Especially with known ex-dealers. (Yes, I know he doesn't deal anymore by the lack of traffic into his house.) Nice guy. I don't trust him, but he is a nice guy.

So overall, doing well. Enjoying the fall colors...if not the heat. Temps in the 80s are not what I call fall weather. Not back into the swing of exercise, but that will come with practice. Again. I didn't gain weight while out of town for three weeks, which I call a win!

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