Monday, September 26, 2016

Garden Work Gone Wrong

I pay my backdoor neighbor to keep the yard weed-free so I don't kill myself working on it. He had been slacking off on the yard, and he admitted it freely. Only problem is that he started cleaning up the wrong garden plot. He went after the dead corn in the back plot, instead of the front bed. Along with the corn stalks were six hearty plants nestled into their appropriate edges.

Dammit, Dammit, DAMMIT!

He pulled it all.

Now, I happen to be very proud of my garden. It grows like wildfire and I pay for the water to do this. Yes, I know, not very environmentally solid, but it also acts as my therapy.  I had been babying and watching my watermelon as a pre-trip splurge.

He ate it. Every last "tasted awesome" bite.

He thought I had been up north since I hadn't had the dog out a lot, so he ate the one thing that he knew was food--the watermelon vs the squash and unidentified melon things. Well, I saved two cantaloupes, one of which got eaten immediately, and the other which is probably still cucumber in disguise. There were also four of what looks to be overgrown acorn squash. I am not sure if they are ripe enough to hold over much time, but I am going to try for it and eat any that are looking sad when I get home.

So I am sitting here trying to not yell around the dog (he gets confused when mama is mad) and trying to not cry in frustration. I am now off of the angry that happened right at the instance I learned of my babies' plight. I couldn't even really be mad at my neighbor since he didn't know what was going on. He even suggested that I knock off half of his pay to deal with what I am calling planticide.

I am trying so hard not to cry, and mostly managing. Crying over a few dead plants. Of the one thing that I have been trying to grow for several years. That is what stings the most--something I have tried so hard to get and have it stolen away. Minor thing. But for some reason it is sticking like glue.  At least I got to have my very own (and very ripe) cantaloupe all to myself. And there are an armload of squish too. And there are still the tomatoes to keep running.


I guess that stops some of the water usage.


  1. I used to garden when I was able so I totally get how frustrating and upsetting this is. Do you think he really did think you were not home or do you think he did it on purpose? I know it won't bring your watermelon that you worked so hard to grow back but it might soothe the hurt feelings at least. Glad you still have a cantaloupe, squash and maters! Yum!

    1. I do think he took it knowing that I am often out of town. On the other hand, he didn't take any of the other type melons, si it may have been an oh shit moment. I don't know really. He is about to go to jail for a few things that he ran into, do it may have been a bad day. Nothing like taking out your frustration on dead gardens (only mostly dead).