Saturday, January 28, 2017

I Can See! It's A Miracle!

Last Wednesday I had LASIK done on both eyes to take me from not being able to see the big ol' E on the wall to having 20/15 vision (for the most part). It was sort of scary the day of the procedure because I went home for a nap after the LASIK and then woke up unable to see. I could tell there was light--painful light--but I couldn't open my eyes except for in a pitch black room. A nightlight was too bright.

Needless to say, there was a trip back to the eye surgeon for a followup. He checked me out and said that, since I was already light sensitive before the surgery, I was just having an extreme light sensitivity. He gave me some drops and pain meds (of which I only used one) and said to come back tomorrow unless anything else popped up. I went home, and kept my head below a blanket. By that night I was able to pretty much move around the house so long as there was not a very bright light in the room.

Thursday morning I woke up and could see clear across the room--in the bright sunlight streaming through my window. I could see! I got a call from the doc: appointment postponed due to gas leak in the building. Okay... So I drove (Yes. Me.) down to get a new pair of wrap-around sunglasses since I was still a little light sensitive. After that I took my mom out for breakfast while we waited for recently-rescheduled appointment time.

Come to find out that my vision is around 20/15, with some halos around light. The sensitivity kept lessening by the hour. I still have troubles sometimes focusing directly on text, but I think that is mostly my body having to recompensate for both eyes now seeing the same strength. We shall see how well my eyes are by the appointment this Thursday.

So yeah, I can see! Now it is just a matter of how much will heal up quickly and how much takes longer to go away.

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