Tuesday, January 17, 2017

When Life Blows Backwards

Sometimes life really sucks. Other times it merely blows backwards. Life is only blowing backwards slightly right now, but still I am less than pleased.

I remain stuck at 200 pounds. It has been weeks now since I got to this point and I was expecting to be well on my way to 190 by now. But so it goes. You plan for one thing and another thing happens. Frustrating? Yes. Very yes.

On a separate but slightly related tangent, I went on a short five day vacation to South Dakota to wish my grandfather happy birthday. The secondary (and maybe more important) task was to try to lift my grandmother's spirits after she decided to check if gravity still worked by falling down the stairs. They seemed quite happy with the surprise invasion and we made sure to cook dinner and snacks and make sure that we weren't adding to the stress of the visit. We were only there a day and a half, but we made the most of it.

The road trip itself was interesting as the first day I drove the entire day. No biggie except that I was fighting a crosswind of fifty miles per hour wind plus gusts. In a large truck. One thing I had going for me was that the truck is rather heavy so it wasn't as much of a wind sail as my little car would have been. The way up we stopped for the night late since we didn't get out early. Mom then drove the rest of the way in case we ran into ice or snow as I am not used to driving on it in a truck. The way back we split driving and I got to drive the last third through some pretty dense fog, nothing really bad, but it got my attention as a novelty around here in New Mexico. Good and safe trip; well caffeinated too.

The past few weeks I have been less than good about staying on my diet. Not bad enough to gain back weight, but enough that I am not losing. The road trip didn't help anything, but it wasn't a complete pigout fest. I know why I am stuck at 200 physically. Mentally...still working on it since I am having trouble getting back on the wagon and not eating the entire fridge every evening. Eventually I will break this block. Getting back home will help. I will have the treadmill staring at me from across the room. I may even put my old suit where I can see it so that I remember that I have a pool pass too, Little nudges.

I WILL continue to eat well. I WILL get healthier. I WILL be happy with who I am.

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