Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Just One More Page

"Just one more page" does not only affect readers, it affects writers just as much. I have been working extensively on my book, filling out the bones and finally doing more showing rather than telling (but not to the extreme). One chapter in particular reads at least twice as well as before! It gives me something to do other than focus on food. Unfortunately, it also distracts me from getting up and moving. Not so good for my diet. On the other hand, it does distract me from eating!

Last time I was on here I was battling the evil that was 200 pounds. Now I am within half a pound of 190! I can taste it...er...feel it. My eating has been all over the place. Some days I don't eat at all until after 8pm and then proceed to eat my day's worth of calories (but not over). Other days I graze till bedtime. I let my body dictate how and when I eat now, so long as I stay within my calories and am eating at least fairly healthily.

As of next month I am stopping the Nutrisystem. I can't justify the cost for okay food when now I can regulate myself pretty well and not feel like I need to go on a binge or have just one more bite. It has been very useful, but after forty pounds I think I can safely do this on my own again. I can always approximate the meals through the frozen goodies if I find myself having troubles with portions again. My food scale is also my friend.

I have been noticing that my shirts are all feeling different. I looked in the mirror and realized why: the are obviously too big now. It makes sense since I already went through one size of pants, so why wouldn't I go down a size (or two) in shirts? My old shirts that I saved from when I was headed up the scale don't really fit well--they seem to be too short for my frame. Maybe I just wore them that way before and never noticed it because that was just how they were made. Now I get to go out and spend a little money on buying some new shirts. Nothing fancy, just some more basic T-type shirts to tide me over till the next set of shirts in my pile fits. I hate shopping, but this is one time where I will happily shell out cash for clothes.

One good thing is that I am slowly getting off of an evil medicine that does two things to me that I hate: 1. It makes me groggy in the mornings. Extra help sleeping is good, but being a zombie is not. 2. It makes me ravenously hungry. I cannot wait to get off of this and be back to a semi-normal appetite! I have tried getting off of it in the past and couldn't quite make it. This time I am confident that I will at least be able to knock down the dose low enough to not cause me problems. Hopefully I will knock it out completely!

Now I think I will go back to poking around on the book, adding here, fixing there, screaming at myself for not seeing errors earlier, that type of thing. Keeping myself busy.

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