Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Brainz vs. Brains


Definition: Noun. Derivative of "brains." Of or having to do with destructive thought patterns, i.e. "Brainz were not cooperating today; they set the same doubt on repeat."

Okay, while not an actual definition it is as close as I can come to explaining why I use the word. Right now brainz are mostly cooperating--they are back on the road to being plain ol' brains--at least somewhat. After yesterday's fun with brainz, I am piecing back together useful thoughts. Sleep is a wonderful healer.

Now that I am out of a mental high I just want to eat and sleep. So far I have managed to keep the eating under control, but the sleeping I have been giving in to--the lesser of two evils (weevils?).

One good thing was that I stepped on the scale this morning: 222. Another pound bites the dust. It was a nice little motivator for the day. Something to keep the brainz at bay.

So now what?

I eat. I sleep. I Netflix. I write.

So goes the day. It ain't great, but it sure isn't as bad as yesterday.

Moral of today: watch out for brainz--they can lead you into despair.

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