Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day Three of Nutrisystem

I got this far without trouble. Three whole days. Then I got to lunch today and am choking down a chocolate graham bar. I will keep with this, but I sincerely hope that other foods are not as bad as this one.

In other news, last night I only got about half the sleep I normally get. I woke up and walked just shy of two miles--pretty darn far for me--before 8am. I am sitting here and not hungry despite yesterday wanting to eat everything in sight. (I stayed true to the diet though. Lots of veggies were my friends.)
I am supposed to eat four servings of veggies per day. Yesterday I think I must have had about twelve servings because I was so hungry. Today, nada so far. No hunger, just food because it is scheduled. Maybe this is a good thing.

Last time I got on this ride of not eating I had people worried about me. It only lasted a week but I pretty much stopped eating. We are talking 400-600 calories per day. I didn't lose weight, but I did lose mental functioning. As it turns out bodies in starvation mode don't burn calories or fat. But then again, I had a focus. Don't eat, lose weight. Repeat.

This time it is different. This time I don't have a choice to eat. I follow the program and follow the rules, no cooking needed. Veggies will come later today, need them or not. Till then, I'll eat the food and hope that dinner is better than lunch.

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