Wednesday, July 27, 2016


What is magic?

Smoke? Rabbits? Mirrors? My husband preferred cards.

But I am not talking about slight of hand here. No, I think magic is what happens when everything falls in to place. Call it miracles, call it destiny, call it just chance.

No matter what you call it, magic is everywhere. The timing of lights when I am in a hurry. The simple smile of someone on the street when I am having a bad day. The gentle sound of rain. Good things that can make life better.

Today was full of magic. I got to my doctor appointment at what I thought was the right time--but was mistaken on the schedule. The doctor had a cancellation right when I needed it.

Once I got out of the doctor's office I went shopping at Costco--a stressful experience for me under good conditions. By the time that I got to the checkout I was shaky, anxious, and confused. The very attentive cashier caught some bad produce in my haul. Then I didn't notice that something I was purchasing came in a pack of two, not one. He offered to go get me a new pack from the far back of the store. I turned him down, but he didn't need to offer. He didn't need to be nice--that is outside of his job description--but he was.kind.

Finally, the sweet smell of cherries wafting through the house was wonderful. It was all due to a good friend who helped me pick fresh cherries yesterday. Today I started processing them; the sheer smell of them was heavenly and instantly upped my mood, which had been sagging.


It happens when you least expect it, but most need it. That is magic.

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