Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Looks Like Progress

I am three weeks into my weight loss journey (that's two weeks on Nutrisystem). I am at 222 pounds, eight pounds less than when I started, which isn't too shabby at all.

Apparently my clothes are fitting a little differently than before since two people have already commented that I was "looking like the weight loss is working." Now, that might have just been people being supportive, but I have started to notice a difference as well. My belly pooch is a little less pronounced. WIN!

On another note, the hypomania is still here, at least a little bit. I keep waking up before my alarm by about an hour (and actually getting up instead of laying there hoping for a few more winks). I also have been busying myself around the house and outside. I looked around my yard and noticed a few plants that were begging for water, so I turned on the hose and went at them.

The energy was not just spent on the yard. Yesterday I took an afternoon walk down on the college campus where there are trees for shade (and, let's face it, more Pokemon). Today I took a look at the kitchen and did a massive cleanup. My bathroom was a mess from when my dog got covered in tar and subsequently had to get the tar off his paws. The remaining tar got attacked with baby oil and scrubbed; twice. It now looks like nothing happened in there. (Now, if only I could fix the towels and rug that got tarred.)

On the diet end of things, hyper is good. I texted Nutrisystem that I was having trouble getting in all the food that I was supposed to be eating. They took a look at my plan and my activity level and we decided to lower the calorie count down to 1200-1499 calories per day. The customer service was excellent.

Today I went to the store to stock up on the week's veggies and dairy. For $20 I got all of the fresh stuff, and a pile of frozen stuff. Pretty easy to shop when the bulk of the food is paid for. One thing I will change when I am weaning off of the plan will be my fruit intake. Right now there are few options for carbs, outside of the prescribed meals. Once I start subbing in foods the fruits will increase considerably, as well venison. Why venison? Because my dad and I hunt so there is a freezer full of meat that needs used up by October, a.k.a hunting season. But that is for the upcoming transition.

So I can focus on eating every 2-3 hours as per the plan (and my blood sugar seems to like this as well) as well as eating lots of veggies. I am all vegged out for now--lunch had a giant three cup salad with tons of fixings.

For now I am content to sit in front of the computer and brush up on my editing work or watch Netflix. I know that a walk will happen today because I am still a little hyper, but swimming most certainly will not because I strained my shoulder cleaning the tub. But the walk will wait till it is less hot. Thanks for reading the ramblings!

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