Thursday, August 11, 2016


That sums up my day. Okay, today we start withe this

It took a long time to get and stay asleep. After yesterday when t hit my snooze button and, an hour later, woke up with my shoulder being stabbed--or, if you prefer, hot metal burning from inside. Failing to fend off an attacker with a hot poker, I settled for a couple of pain killers and some ice, which will be repeating as necessary (or interchanged with each other).

I give it a week to get better before I worry about a doc for this yet.

But, it does make swimming and walking difficult. (I can do either, but swimming can be less weight bearing than other forms.) I am I don't get focused on beating myself all it should go well. I have to remind myself regularly that I do not need to get everything AND not every thing needs done right now (or redone because I got it done while manic.)

Besides being able to clean and putter about, I can use the time to more useless pursuits. Some examples: cleaning and throwing out anything that I might regret, buying things I don't need online, typing a new book or get another.

So how do I feel today? Right now? Frustrated in pain. Come on, pills, just WORK. This not partially how I  would like to spend my time.

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