Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Time Management--or not

Yesterday was what some would deem a complete and utter waste of time.

I say otherwise.

In the morning I got up before my alarm and had breakfast like a normal person. I took my meds like a good little girl and did a little more packing for the weekend. Then I started in on editing the book. That is where it started to go awry. I think I stopped once to let the dog out in all of four or five hours. After getting up to take care of the dog and myself I realized that I hadn't eaten in a long time. I wasn't hungry, but knew I should eat--so I did.

Next up: the video game, in this instance "The Witcher 3". AKA complete waste of time. But it was ENJOYABLE time; that is what matters. Except that I did the same thing as when I was editing--four hours of nothing but a dog break. Then dinner.

Then I walked till my joints were sore--not very long today, but long enough to get in some exercise. (This could be considered a non-waste of time)

That was my entire day yesterday.

But video games and writing are not the only times that I binge on activity.
cleaning (because I let it pile up first),
packing (so I  avoid the "You forgot the WHAT?" phenomenon...like tent poles),
walking (till my feet and knees are sore), and
gardening (till I can't move)
reading (just one more page)

Is this healthy? Probably not. Is my method of getting things done going to change? Nope. It works. If something interrupts me mid-binge it can trigger one of two things: aggravation at having been interrupted, or complete deflation of the binge and return to normal.

The break for dinner let me recoup my brains and realize that the temperature was only around 80 so I could go for a walk before more rain set in (which never really came, at least not while I was awake). I could only do about 1.4 miles today, but that was plenty to get my joints unhappy with me.

Yesterday was about binges, and how I use them to my advantage--or disadvantage. Luckily none of these binges included food!

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