Friday, August 12, 2016

Three hundred dollar tomatoes

I keep wishing for rain, but not too much at a time. Up north of me got pelted by hail and torrential rain. I can do without the hail part of that time.

I. Hate. Hail.

Every time I start to hear hail I start holding my breath. Ever since 2005 I have hated hail. We got attacked by softball-sized hail for about five to ten minutes of destruction. Now I mostly just fear for my garden.

This year I even got corn off of of the plants. The tomatoes are persistent and refuse to let the sun and dry air wither them. I love having my garden I just wish I didn't have to use as much water as I have this year. But the veggies are growing well and the pomegranates are growing well, despite not having any fruit this year. Sixth year must be the charm.

 Bur I am in the desert and high altitude to boot. So why do I persist in growing things in the land of no water? The simple answer is that I prefer fresh grown vegetables and they don't get much fresher.

But when I look a little closer as to why I garden I get to the truth: I do it because I love it. I love getting my hands into fresh dirt. I love the weeding and care required to make the food grow. I love taking in my produce.  I revel in the work of gardening, and the (sometime true) fruits  of my labor.

But  there is a downside: water, or lack  thereof.

I spent so much water in the past month that that the water company called to make sure I didn't have a leak in the system. I will have to be more responsible from now on. My garden will just have to be a little less watered, or use just a few plots instead of all four.

I love my garden.

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