Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Clothes Feel Funny

Yup, the clothes are officially fitting better. All it took was 11 pounds. Now some people say they are fat when they are ten pounds overweight--I consider that a minor detail even though it means going up a size or two. I didn't used to feel this way. Once I was down to a healthy weight I had a ten pound range that I hovered at. I used to feel sad when I was on the edge of that range.

But now it is different. Now I look at weight loss with a long range goal--a very large goal. That is what happens when a very large women has a lot to lose. I am still grappling with the idea of slow and steady but I know that is the only way to lose weight safely and keep if off (been there, done that). This is not a quick solution.

I can't quite wrap my head around the idea that I can only lose one to two pounds per week, and that is not including weeks where nothing moves at all. I expect a higher goal for myself than for the average person. This doesn't really work in my mental favor. The average is there for a reason, I should expect average,I can celebrate when I am on the high end of loss and try better when I an on the low end.

I can feel how my clothes lay and move and tell when I am successful. Like today: I tried on a bra that didn't fit ten pounds ago. It fits. I can wear some of my other clothes. For now, all the clothes I had at 230 still fit at 218 and I will have to wait till I can fit into some of my cuter clothes. I can see it; I can feel myself getting slimmer. I even saw the outline of my cheek bones for the first time in over a year.

I like this and hope that the weight keeps going away.

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