Sunday, September 11, 2016

Death to all Bushes!

Okay, not all bushes, just those branches that are really overgrown and scraggly. My front yard has about twenty large bushes,  and boy were they overgrown and huge! I don't think that I cut them more than once this whole summer. In ideal circumstances I do them every month from May to October. Not this year.

So just how did I tackle an entire front yard of bushes?

It's SUPERDAD. Yup, my dad came down and helped me attack the overgrown mess. I even got a new hedge trimmer since someone (coughcough-dad-cough) had broken my old rickety one (that I had been threatening to throw away). Now I have a much quicker and safer device for attacking the twigs. The new hedge trimmer combined with a ratcheting lopper made our work much less difficult. (Notice how I did not say that the job was easier. It was not easy.)

After we got the brushes cut we had to haul out the branches. Yeesh, were there a lot of them! I hadn't realized just how bad it had gotten. It was also strange to see which plants were the most overgrown. Those farthest from the house were the most stressed because I don't really water them. I had a few die after a hard freeze several years ago and one just this last summer. Now there are giant gaps in the hedges that need to be filled by some sort of bush. Perhaps something productive instead of basic bushes?

Today, looking out at the yard, I am happy. I am also sore. There is a definite sense of satisfaction in a day full of work. It does mean, however, that I am down for the count today and probably will not get in my daily walk or swim. We will see.

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