Thursday, September 15, 2016


I like to walk--most days.

Other days...not so much.

I have been leaning more on walking than swimming thanks to the monsoon weather we have been getting. If there is a lightning strike within fifty miles the alarm goes off and everybody has to bail out of the pool.

Yeah, I could get up early (six in the morning) and go swim before the clouds build. But I dun wanna. Mornings have been my enemy as of late. Besides, the dog likes walks better. See? I have a good reason for not going to the pool--blame it on the dog.

Speaking of the dog, he has gotten more persistent about pointing to his leash when he feels that it is time to go outside. Which is frequently, especially around six or seven at night when he knows that is the most likely time for me to get off my arse and get moving.

I haven't been using Pokemon Go for much as of late, leaning instead on my music. I am sure that at my parents house when I visit there will be more hunting since their neighborhood has many opportunities for playing. It is a good motivator to keep moving. For free! This is a good version of video gaming.

My music selection keep growing thanks to Amazon Prime--well spent money. I have most of the music I want all in one place. I have more music that I can load from CDs, but have not worried about thanks to having most of them already available on Prime...and I have been lazy. Luckily, I can be lazy and just use the downloaded music--and have the playlists I want.

I don't have unlimited data though. That means that I don't even try to stream music, much less videos. I have the feeling that the data available down here wouldn't be strong enough to really stream anyway. All part of living in the middle of nowhere. (At least there is reliable cell service now that we have a whopping two cell towers in the vicinity.)

Instead of streaming, I just attack my phone's memory and download all the music to my hard drive. This is getting to be a problem since my phone only has 64GBs and I am using 51 out of those gigs. I soon may have to pare down my selection or delete (GASP) some apps. Scary thought.

So I will go on a walk tonight and make the dog happy, music or Pokemon in hand.

Yay walking!

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