Sunday, September 25, 2016

Time for a Trip

The desert weather seems to have found fall on time. I am dubious. Just like spring got invaded by winter, I believe the same of this reprieve.

I am enjoying it while it stands. Temperatures 70 to 50ish, I like this weather--not needing my AC is wonderful. I can even leave open a couple doors and cool or warm the house. The dog loves it too: he gets to go in and out of the house as he likes. I don't even feel bad about ignoring him during the day. He has birds to chase (and people to bark at) to keep him busy.

Soon I will be taking a shot at Bambi and I am making a giant list of things that I need to pack. The list gets longer with every passing day. But The Beast--the giant crew cab long bed F250 Beast--can handle it. It is great for packing things in and taking gravel roads so long as the turning radius of a football field is available. I have learned that sometimes a ten-point turn is necessary. Filling the tank up is painful. My car could fit in the back of the bed. Parking in two spots is sometimes necessary. But I also love the truck. It gives me great intimidation in traffic. I also despise it because I can't really navigate in traffic. I pick a lane and go with it, slow or not. Pretty straightforward.

So I am managing to keep the cargo to a minimum so that my dad and I have four coolers, and hunting gear, and clothes, and every other thing we need. All while not over-packing ridiculously, since it would be so much easier to pack everything that we might possibly need. I am packing the truck for me, my dad, and the dog. I am sure that the dog will be getting more space inside than either of the humans. Typical for vehicular travel with the dog. Then he gets to smell new places, new animals, and havenew places to play.

I will be traveling solo for the way to the hunting grounds, then my dad is flying in and I will meet him there. The dog absolutely loves car rides. I think he would hop into anyone's car if they asked him to (sort of a bad idea). He has two spots he likes to sit: on his comfy couch/hammock where he can see outside, and below the hammock to take naps because it feels secure. He rarely needs to go out and sometimes he refuses to go till we are done for the day. He just lazes around doesn't even want to play. Just stares out the window, smiling. Till it is time to play.

So we all hope that the forecasts for our happy hunting ground stays on the cooler side, but no snow thank you very much. If it is too hot we will just have to go fishing instead! Well, really we hunt in the morning, fish/sleep till just before dusk and then head back to home base to have dinner. Rest. Repeat.

It's a hard life. Especially if you are a dog.

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