Monday, September 19, 2016

Three Hours of Hell

I decided that I would be useful and go get my mail, drop off a return, and stop at the grocery store. It should have taken me thirty minutes to get this done, so I left Link alone inside where it was cool. It has been a while since I left him alone as last time he ended up peeing on the (already nasty and horrible) carpet. Since then he has been fine alone in the house for short there-and-back-again trips. He also has been good while I have been working outside without him, so I figured this short run should be a starting point for his training.

It did not take a half hour.

I needed to make a mail return. First, I had trouble lifting the 50lbs of box into the car because it was so off balance. Then I drove to the post office and realized that A: I needed an RMA number, and B: I needed the label printout to deliver a FedEx box. There was no way that I was going to try to mail that behemoth on my own dime. So I waited in the car while I was on the phone with Nutrisystem. First call. Good; I got the RMA. I ended the call and looked around for my keys.

And searched.

I checked under and beside the seats, on the ground outside of the car, in the back seat, in the door pockets. I checked my purse at least five times. I couldn't find them anywhere. What I did know is that I couldn't leave the box in the car too long or it would melt the chocolate items. I didn't have anything in the car worth stealing so I left the car unlocked and headed in to make a return of that damnable box. It was all the box's fault.

I did manage to wrangle the box through the doors (thanks to a very nice gentleman who held/opened doors for me. Then it hit me. I have an RMA...but no label to ship. I was starting to get shaky and losing thoughts right after I thought them. Even making a call to Nutrisystem was hard. I couldn't even remember a phone number for Nutrisystem right after I looked at the numbers.

I made the call and the nice lady asked what my email address was...I couldn't even get the email right, but I now had an RMA number. I hung up and tried to just write down the number on the box when the nice post office lady explained that I would need a FedEx label. "Dangit, I should have thought of that."

Back on the phone again, where the lady took my information and tried to email it to one of my email addresses. No luck. Twice. No luck. Called back again: Success! But I didn't have a place to print it out, especially since the car keys (and the house) were misplaced. The nice lady let me use her computer to access my email and print out the the label and even taped it on for me. One down.

Back to the car and the missing keys. I searched and searched. I went to the lost and found department (on campus where my post office is) and they had not received anything. Dangit. I purchased my go-to brain calmer: chai. Back to the car.

More searching. Much pleading. I checked the same places over and over. I kept having the nagging thought to check my purse, so I did, over and over again. Finally I sat down and just tried to figure out my last moments of when I had the keys. Nothing. Then I picked up my purse to check for the keys on the chair and something went clink. Clink? MY KEYS! They were in a side pocket on my purse. I never checked that pocket because I don't use it. Duh.

I survived, the package is shipped, and I am safe back at home (no shopping this trip) using writing to get myself back in control.  The dog was safe and sound (asleep). No doggie drama, just a dog wanting to play after a nice nap.

I'm done.  I survived.

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