Friday, September 23, 2016

Flab, Flub, Fat

There are many words for being overweight. None of them are particularly nice (except for maybe zaftig). Sometimes I have all the names on repeat in my mind, so many terms, on repeat. My own self-destructive wheel.

Then there are other times where I don't have to worry about repeating tracks, instead I have glowing reviews--another pound lost!

I like to be somewhere in the middle--no big up, no big down, just a nice middle ground. A place that both motivates and keeps my brainz on an even keel. I'm quite happy where I now sit.  I have not exercised in a couple of days and I am fine with that. It is one of the first times that I have missed more than a day in ...well.. over a month. Taking a break just feels wrong...but still feels so good.

Now the rain is falling and I have the doors and widows opened up and I am contentedly writing to the sound of softly falling rain. Not even high winds to break my happy typing night.

The dog has also declared that it is bedtime since he doesn't want to get his paws wet. Prissy puppy! He is zonked out in his cage. (Only after I cleaned up his dog bowl full of water from off the floor..still not sure which of us knocked it over.) We both will sleep alright tonight. Looking at him sleep makes me calm.

Am I fat, oh hell yes. I just have some good tools to make some of the pounds go away. Still thinking I need a doughnut and realizing that I would have to drive 45 miles to get one...or I need to make some of my own. Just because I want something does not mean that I will partake. Especially when partaking involves energy.

That middle ground is more solid when everything is calm. I like the calm.

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